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2012 Habits of Health Group Coaching
01/03/12  6:45 am - 7:30 am
Conference Call -
Called To Health


Join our Habits of Health Weekly Coaching Group



Our typical Health & Wellness Client is a busy professional who

  • eats on-the-go
  • gets lost in his/her work day & forgets to eat
  • has difficulty maintaining a healthy weight
  • has been warned by their doctor to make some changes
  • lacks the energy to do anything but the basics of life
  • recognizes that their appearance (hindered by their excess weight) does not convey their professional message

Our weekly conference calls are perfect for busy lifestyles.

Together we learn about the Habits of Health and keep ourselves accountable for our goals.

Our Approach to Health & Wellness

  • It’s about thriving and not just surviving!
  • It’s about creating health, not just reacting to illness.
  • It’s about moving your Health & Wellness goals UP your priority list!

Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning.  As you work toward Optimal Health, you learn to take charge of your lifestyle by learning daily habits of health and be as healthy as you can be, for as long as you want.


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Our 12 week Study of Dr A's Habits of Health starts on Tuesday 1/17!


Conference Call
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