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Investing in your team yields guaranteed results!



Ignite your Team & Increase Results!

Today's leaders step outside the norm and invest in the development of their people.  We’ve heard it said that of all the investments a person could make, the one that is “guaranteed” to pay back dividends is Personal Development.  PEP™ Team Training takes that “guarantee” beyond the individual, to teams, and extends it to the entire corporate culture.

The Four Elements of Success: Path Elements Profile™ by Laurie Beth Jones is an integral part of the services Called to Action offers. We offer the PEP™ Web-Based Personality Assessment and the Team Communications Training program. With over 30 years of Corporate Consulting and Coaching experience Coach Maggie adds value to ensure that you receive maximum benefit to meet your “unique” corporate environment needs.


Business Case – Why PEP™?
  • Improves strategic communication among varied personalities on your team.
  • Provides concepts to defuse potential conflict before it erupts into negative energy.
  • Creates a new awareness of the hidden strengths of seemingly difficult team members.
  • Demonstrates the wisdom and practicality of differing viewpoints.
  • Releases previously underutilized human resources.
  • Eases decision-making in areas such as hiring, team configurations, and career planning.
  • Helps merge and realign work forces.
  • Addresses diversity issues in new and meaningful ways.
  • Assists with leadership development and team coaching.
  • Builds bridges of understanding that didn’t exist before.
  • Problem solving.
    • Uncertain economic times, reduced budgets and/or job cuts contribute to scarcity thinking, a negative impact on morale.
    • Conflict resolution, communication breakdowns are costing your team time and money.
    • Your team exhibits a variety of personality traits. Work life would be easier if your people could understand and respect one another’s differences.


Scope of Services

Consulting/Corporate Coaching
Our Initial consulting session provides the necessary information to develop your customized implementation.

PEP™  Web-Based Personality Assessment. 
Each employee will receive their individual Path Element Profile Report prior to attending the seminar.

PEP™ Assessment and Team Communications Training
Taught in a 4 hour session with 10 – 12 participants.

PEP™ Team Matrix & Post-Seminar Coaching Services
A Team Matrix presents a high-level view of your team’s personality make-up.  This tool is presented during the initial training session and further discussed in later consulting and/or coaching engagements.


Ignite your Team & Increase Results!

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